Looking for recommendations: Foreign books


Hi Guys

I need a book that is either a translation or set in a foreign country (so not Australia) for a speech for my English class. Preferably a book that isn’t too taxing to read as I have been in a bit of a reading slump. The aim of my speech is to convince the class to read the book (i know not the most original question)

Any suggestions are appreciated

Thanks :)

Anime Review/Thoughts: Sailor moon crystal



Sailor moon. How to begin…

Sailor moon is an iconic series that follows usagi a girl who is granted magical powers in order to save the world from the evil beings of the negaverse. Sailor moon crystal is a reboot of the original series and a good one at that. I watched the american version of sailor moon as a kid and I was obsessed with it. I wasn’t sure how I felt when watching the reboot to begin with. I firstly had to get used to all of the Japanese names as the american version had changed some of the names. Once I got through that I was able to quickly get into this series without much trouble. The storyline is the same sailor moon we know and love. The first couple of episodes of these reboot are very similar to the original series which I loved because it was like a blast from the past. The pace of this reboot is much faster then the original series and their are a few variations for the original plot that I believe were in the manga but skipped out in the anime. This means that even if you watched sailor moon the original series there is still a bit more different content for you to watch.

The animation is a different style to the original however overall it just looks more modern. Usagi’s hair is a different colour to the original series which REALLY irritates me just because I don’t like the design choice. In my opinion her hair is to similiar to Sailor Venus’. Besides that the characters are all done very well and they have been given a fresh and exciting new look. The voice actors are overall very good however I did think that Luna and Usagi’s voices were a little irritating at times. Again this is something that improves the more you watch however I personally thought that Luna’s voice in particular doesn’t suit the character. The other thing that worries me is that the series is only supposed to have 26 episodes and I am worried that it will become an uncomplete reboot which would be upsetting.

Overall I am really enjoying Sailor moon crystal and would definitely recommend it to fans of the original series. I still think the original series is better however if you prefer a newer animation style definitely have a look into crystal.


Book Reviews: Don’t Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight and Pride and Prejudice: The graphic novel


So today I am going to be writing about two completely different books that i have recently read.

Don’t Let’s go to the dogs: An African Childhood by Alexandra Fuller

don't lets go

Don’t lets go to the dogs: An African childhood by Alexandra Fuller is a memoir of her childhood in Africa (as the name suggests). It shows an environment full of shocking racism that was normal for her as a child. Her family has to deal with immense tradegy however they are in the end a very unified family. You find yourself confronted with a normality of terrorist attacks and bombs that even her childhood car trip songs refer to the blowing up of mines. The memoir gives you a taste of the intense racism and violence that was commonplace in her childhood. This book isn’t one for the sensitive as I found myself cringing countless time

Reading this book I enjoyed the stories of a life very different from my own, the memoir shows struggles that they deal with and makes me grateful for what I have. All of the stories which Alexandra tells are impacting and I found myself thinking about it afterwards. Written in a child’s voice it is a plain honest recount. There are moments of intense wisdom from the older Alexandra balanced with the innocence of a young Bobo (Alexandra fuller’s nickname as a child). Despite the interesting and engaging stories I found it a book difficult to get into, this memoir time jumps and it became very confusing and disorientating at times. I generally dislike lots of time jumps in books and this wasn’t an exception. Jumping from when Bobo was 6 to 14 then back to 9 makes it a hard book to become attached to reading.

I would recommend this book if it is something you think you would be interested in. I gave it 3.5/5

Pride and Prejudice: Graphic novel by Stacy King


*I received this graphic novel from netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review

I feel obliged to warn you that I love pride and prejudice by Jane Austen and am very harsh on adaptions so bear that in mind whilst reading my thoughts.

This graphic novel is an adaption of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This graphic novel follows the general storyline with a few differences. This graphic novel is a manga adaption, the style of drawings are very over exaggerated and represent the shoujo style. The most thing that I noticed that irritated me is that all of the detail is focused around the hair of the characters with very little on the settings. In pride and prejudice you visit so many wonderful manors and in this adaption they just are bland. This aspect of the novel dampened my whole view of it sadly. The language used is simpler then jane austen’s so I can see this being a good companion to the novel. I don’t have that much to say about this novel just because it was very bland and uninspiring for me. I personally wouldn’t recommend it however I do see where some people will enjoy it.

I gave it 2/5

Update, Info and General Chat


Hey guys

So… I have been in a little bit of a writing slump (if there is such a thing) lately and taking a little bit of time off has helped. I am still not going back to my old schedule because I don’t really have the time for it (more about that later). Firstly I just wanted to update you guys on a couple of things that has been happening with 2 games that I have reviewed.

1849 the city building game (check out my review here) has been made into a mobile game. It is available at both the play store and itunes. It is currently priced at $5 and I have not played it but have heard good things about it. It doesn’t contain the free play mode however has the story mode. I personally believe this game suits mobile more then PC so if you are interested definitely check it out.

Also the Data hacker series has a new kick starter project called Data Hacker: Reboot. This looks like another great addition to the series (see my review for the previous games here) and my blog was actually mentioned on the kick starter page which is pretty cool (if i do say so myself). Click here for link to kick starter project.

As for reviews, I am going to be starting to write them again this week however I am going to be taking more time for each individual review so I can improve the quality and go more in depth.

Some Random things that has been happening in my life:

- I started a “challenge” with one of my friends to see how far we could get through the school library over the next 2 years (I’m started at first book of A and she is starting a last book of Z; lucky for her she gets to start with Marcus Zusak).

- Baby steps anime (review here) is officially my favorite anime ever,it is amazing. Every time I watch it I just feel inspired and motivated. I don’t normally watch sports anime but this past all expectations

- I have started running in the mornings

- I went up to the snow and skied yesterday which was so much fun

So yeah that was a bit of a random bit of info there. 

Can’t wait to start releasing reviews again :)

Thanks for reading!

What’s happening?


Hi everyone

Sorry about the lack of posts lately but I have been doing some thinking.

I will no longer be posting on my Monday- Sunday Schedule. At least not until I have more freetime or during school breaks. I will still be posting but less often and at random times, I may also do a bit of reblogging etc. This is because I need more time to focus on my studies and I really have to get my priorities straight. I plan to get at least one post up per week. 

I also hope that this will help the quality of my posts and the depth of them cause i realize that sometimes they lack this aspect.

I want to say thank you to everyone reading this post and who has supported both me and my blog.

Book Review: The fellowship of the ring





The fellowship of the ring is the first in the lord of the rings trilogy. Set after the hobbit, we begin the story with Bilbo celebrating his 111th birthday. His young cousin Frodo is currently living with Bilbo and is very dear to him. Bilbo has a magical ring(one he found decades ago during the events of the hobbit) which he plans to give to Frodo as a present, as he plans to go on one final adventure. Bilbo leaves and Frodo is left with the ring. Gandalf a wizard who is friends with both Frodo and Bilbo visits and tell Frodo about his ring. It turns out that it is a very powerful ring that belonged to a dark “wizard” . Once this particular dark “wizard” seems to be growing in power again. Frodo then sets out on a journey to try and destroy the indestructible ring by attempting to journey into enemy territory. 

I started this book having previously read the hobbit and I think that was a good way to go. The book is a bit slow going in the first half, however that is part of of the style. Its not that things don’t happen more that there feels like a lot of repetition when they are walking around. Tolkein’s writing is very descriptive and there are so many layers to it. I loved the depth of the settings and the world they live in. Tolkien had this world in his mind and I think only he knew the full extent of it.

Personally I felt as if the fight scenes lacked a bit, I never got that real sense of suspense that I have felt with other books. I do LOVE the characters though. Sam is the most adorable character in the book and he is so brave and a great friend. Frodo definitely matures through out the book and the progression of it is really nice. 

Overall this book does take a bit of effort to read, as Tolkein language can slow you down a bit. However it still is a really great book. I gave it 3.8/5


Anime Review: Ouran high school host club



Ouran high school host club is very much a shojo slice of life anime. Haruhi Fujioka is a schlorship student at a very prestigious school. After a uniform mix up she has to wear the boys uniform on her first day. She stumbles upon the Ouran academy’s host club. Where charming young men dazzle young ladies. Haruhi accidentally knocks over an extremely valuable vase that was meant to be auctioned off. As haruhi has no way of repaying the vase the host club “employs” her thinking she is male as a host. She is very good at being a host as she is able to relate to the girls. Each member of the host club gradually discovers she is a girl and they help her keep it a secret (so she can continue to work at the host club and pay off her debt).

This anime has so many cute and funny moments. It is a well loved anime for good reason. Great characters, great humour, average story. Okay so it isn’t that original the whole “girl surrounded by a heap of guys and she has to try to not be discovered”. There are quite a few similar story lines out there. The thing that is great about Ouran high school host club is that it is very approachable. You don’t need really any prior knowledge to anime or anything to understand it. It is one of those anime that introduces a lot of people to anime. I think it is overall a fun anime. There is a very big following and their is so many different “shipping” of the characters. It is definitely romance based without being direct about it. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense but if you watch it you will understand what I mean.

The characters are great and I love Haruhi. She is a great female protagonist and she is very strong and independent. The guys are sometimes over protective and it is super cute. This anime is another one that is over the top exaggerated and generally is random. To sum up Ouran high school host club I would say cute. It is funny and despite not having a very good over arcing plot each episode has a nice pace. I would recommend this anime to you if it sounds like something you would be interested in.

Game Review: Data hacker: Initiation/Corruption


IScreenshot (47)

*I received a review copy of this game from the developers

I am going to mainly talk about initiation and then give my first impressions of corrupition.

Game: Data hacker: Initiation and Data Hacker: Corruption

Developers: New Reality Games

Price: $5

Multiplayer: No

Ok for laptops? : Yep, only need keyboard

Mod support: No

My rating: 8.5/10

I went into Initiation not sure of what to expect. I didn’t really have high hopes as I hadn’t heard much about it and didn’t know whether the type of game would appeal. Surprisingly I loved it! I don’t really want to talk too much about the plot because I feel as if it is best to go in more or less unknowing. Basically you are a player in an online game who’s character gets banned from the system after being accused of being a hacker. He then goes back into the game with a new character and let’s just say he isn’t too happy with the admins of the game.

Entering this game you are plunged into this world that feels vibrant and ready to be explored. I just felt good as soon I started to play this game. The graphics are great, I love the 2D feeling of the game. It sort of reminds me of the older Pokemon with the design. I really like the game mechanics of the game. The combat is in turn based combat and there is a good amount of variety with different spells as you get higher up. There isn’t any random encounters which was a good decision in my mind. You can see when you are about to attack an enemy so i found that it didn’t frustrate me getting through a place. It doesn’t take an unreasonable amount of time to level up your characters so I found that you progress at a good rate. The difficulty curve does steadily go up this was another thing that kept the gameplay fresh.

There were a couple of moments in the beginning where I was a bit confused about what I was supposed to do however it was actually fun working out what to do. The music is catchy and the dialogue interesting. It has the whole rpg feeling and there is a really good amount of gameplay.

I recommend this game just because it is fun! If you like action/adventure/rpg I highly recommend this game to you.



Corruption is a continuation of Initiation. I haven’t played as much of corruption but it seems to be very similar to initiation.  One really cool thing is that you can use your finished initiation save in your corruption so you have the same party of characters etc. I think this is a really cool idea making corruption a true squeal to your own personalized game.

I did have a bit of frame rate issues at the beginning which was disappointing however it seemed to improve after a while in the game. There is voice acting in the sequel which is a nice addition. I wouldn’t recommend corruption if you haven’t played initiation because not only would it be a little confusing it seems to be a harder difficulty.

Corruption seems to be an effective sequel but not a good stand alone game. Play initiation then play corruption.

This series has real potential and I am looking forward to the next release in the series.

Book Review: Blood Red Road by Moira Young



This book completely surpassed my expectations. It is about a girl called Saba who lives in a wasteland with her brother, sister and father. One day her brother is mysteriously kidnapped and captors kill her father. She then goes on a journey in an attempt to rescue her brother. There is different plot twists through out that just make the story so interesting. I love all the action this book has in it, it is exciting to read! This book is a mixture of action, adventure and a bit of romance. This book differs itself from many other dystopian YA novels just by its originality.

One very interesting aspect of this book is that it doesn’t use any speech marks. When I started the book I found it quite difficult to get used to. However once you read it for a while you can adjust. At the beginning I didn’t like that aspect of the book however looking back at it I think it was a daring and interesting technique. The language and writing of the book represents the world that Saba lives in and communicates the setting and situation of the book.

The characters are slightly frustrating at times but I did grow to care for them. There were moments in the book that just made me excited and effected my emotions. Its rare for books to really get me that invested in it. I definitely recommend this book and I do plan to pick up the sequel. I gave the book 4/5 stars

Course Overview/thoughts: Learn to Maximise your time and get everything done


Screenshot (49)

Name: Learn to Maximise your time and get everything done

Developer: Success Skills

Available at Udemy.com

Price: $70

Resources included: Videos, workbook

This course talks about how to organise your time, set priorities and get the things you want to get done, done. This is quite a professional setup with videos having custom animation and overall very precise and to the point information. The videos are about 10 minutes each and it was just enough to give you the information you need without dragging on. This course is ideal for beginners who have never taken any courses in similar subject matter. The problem I find is that there are only 5 lectures included for a pretty high price. It really is a great course that can and has made differences in peoples lives but it is a bit too expensive in my eyes. I would definitely recommend having a look at the free sample they offer to see if it is the thing for you.